Ms. Gita Subedi has been working as a “Training & Research Manager” in REED Nepal. She has 10 years’ experience in Teacher Education in different paradigms and 9 years’ experience with direct classroom teaching at different levels. She has done her master’s in English Education and Linguistics. Additionally, she is graduated from Nepal Law Campus in LLB. She has been working in community development, policy development, program design, public advocacy, and curriculum design for different capacity development courses for multiple stakeholders in both development and humanitarian setting. Currently, she is responsible for the Training and Research Programs of REED Nepal.  She believes that school education is a fundamental right of all Nepali citizens. School education addresses the key requirements of the nation. School education is the stepping stone for the production of responsible, productive, informed, cultured and conscious citizens who are committed to nation, nationalism, and democracy. The school education curriculum plays a key and vital role in developing citizens as per the wish and requirements of the nation. She is committed to achieving the goals of developing able and successful citizens by enhancing the training curriculum, guidelines, and child education materials. She always welcomes the active participation of all concerned stakeholders and looks forward to creative and constructive feedbacks from everyone to ensure the goal of school education.