Teacher Training Quality Education Program

REED Nepal was established in 2000 as a non-governmental organization to support NCED (National Center for Education Development) for human resource development. Since then, the organization is undertaking its activities  to offer accredited training programs related to teacher development, capacity development of educational leaders under its flagship program “TTQEP” ,and conduction of research activities in   teacher education in coordination with Nepal Government and its aligned bodies avoiding duplications to integrate more realistic, effective and efficient efforts.

REED Nepal deals with all aspects and levels of teacher training, and management and professional training of other educational leaders in well-versed various theories of child development, and well-practiced in the classroom unless the teachers are fully comfortable and confident with the new approaches of teaching. Simultaneously, the contribution of training is assessed on six dimensions- quality, access, equity, efficiency, teacher development and overall school development on regular basis. Stakeholders are made aware of and well informed about the quality and relevance of training and other interventions to ensure a quality of a program. Currently, REED Nepal is running the following types of training programs udder TTQEP: