Success Story: Effective Teaching Approach in Deurali

Deurali Basic School Phoktanglung Rural Municipality was established in 2065 BS running its regular classes till 1 which was later extended till grade 3. At its starting phase, students used to read in a bamboo hut which has been built through local contribution. The school infrastructure was in poor condition thus need support to build a new and safe school. Himalayan Trust UK in collaboration with REED Nepal provides financial support to build two new school buildings which are safer and more child-friendly. The school has also been supported by local people contributing their time and effort. Along with that, REED Nepal provided few more support with instructional materials, teacherā€™s training, and many other services to school that helped the school to be more systematized and more practical. Nepal government has also provided one teacher and one kindergarten teacher to run the school regularly, so the difficulties to run classes of primary level, from grade 1-3 has been minimized somehow but not solved completely.


So, under these circumstances, REED Nepal played an initiative role to conduct the classes in the concept ā€˜Multi-Grade Multi-Levelā€™. With this concept, now only with few teachers can also run the multiple classes very effectively. It has been seen that the ratio of students is quite high after the intervention from REED Nepal. The concept (Multi-Grade Multi-Level) of teaching approach has helped to provide quality education in a remote area where students number limit up to maximum 35 and in the presence of either one or two teachers.Ā  This concept carries the student-centered methods of teaching where students are directly involved in teaching-learning activities and teachers only facilitate them. By introducing the method of teaching in Deurali School, students have become more active and they have started to come to school regularly and they do not want to miss any class. Similarly, the parents, teachers and local people are happy to see the increased knowledge, skills and ability of the students. The process involves: one or two teachers run the class where the students from class one to three are managed to sit together in a single classroom exchanging their knowledge, skills demonstrating various activities which help them to learn many good things from each other. Gradually, it has helped to develop studentsā€™ level of understanding and the guardians are very happy with the introduction of such activities on school. Kalpana Gurung, The principal; said that nowadays students are very happy and are involved in learning and teachers also insists that this new approach of the technique is more effective than the previous.Students and teachers are now happy with this process and are thankful to HTUK and REED Nepal for the support.