Success Story: Effective Teaching Approach in Solu Village

Deurali Basic School Phoktanglung Rural Municipality was established in 2065 BS running its regular classes till 1 which was later extended till grade 3. At its starting phase, students used to read in a bamboo hut which has been built through local contribution. The school infrastructure was in poor condition thus need support to build a new and safe school. Himalayan Trust UK in collaboration with REED Nepal provides financial support to build two new school buildings which are safer and more child-friendly. The school has also been supported by local people contributing their time and effort. Along with that, REED Nepal provided few more support with instructional materials, teacher’s training, and many other services to school that helped the school to be more systematized and more practical. Nepal government has also provided one teacher and one kindergarten teacher to run the school regularly, so the difficulties to run classes of primary level, from grade 1-3 has been minimized somehow but not solved completely.