REED Nepal works for providing the current life skills to effectively facilitating optimal human functioning where it serves. Specially designed programs are aimed to develop the skills needed for everyday life, by everybody, which help them to thrive. The programs are intertwined around peer-to peer and adult- peer interaction to provide the basis for skills to be learned. We consider the environment in which the program exists to be critically important for individuals to learn skills, facets of effective life skills and the ecology of human development. We also provide possible areas for discussion including the possibility that life skills programs provide the basis of a crystallising experience; transfer as a threshold concept, and the possibility that multiplicative models of thriving and life skill development.

In line with this, REED is offering the vocational training women of many districts to equip them with skill-based life learning skills for sustainable development in align with empowerment and meaningful participation through training and clinical support and got appreciation from Nepal Government for the best coordination and intervention in terms of creating an environment of employment opportunity in the district.