“A book is like a garden carried in a pocket.”

To improve the reading skills of students from grades 1 to 3, REED Nepal is closely partnering and providing the technical support to the government schools in a cost effective and sustainable manner in different districts of Nepal to help the children read with fluency and comprehension. Evidences based reading instruction from grades 1-3 in schools is benefitting nearly 5000 students and 100 teachers of which more than 50% are girls. We are providing teaching- learning and supplementary reading materials to them. REED believes that when they can read, they can learn to do anything in their lives. We are providing offline resources tailoring with suitability of learners of different grades. Teachers are adopting better ways to teach and communities are actively promising improvements in children’s learning. Students can read and understand grade level text from family and community support from this.

Trained teachers are adopting the best practices in EGR instruction, changed their behaviors and practices in their reading lessons, particularly in child friendly approaches that engage students in creative ways rather than rote memorization. After participating in 10 days EGRP training and refresher training, as teacher said nowadays, classes are becoming model where other teachers come to learn from them. Along with training, teachers got grade suitable TLMs, student workbooks and a teachers’ guide  as well as colorful supplementary books, pinwheel charts and other resources to make the classes more interactive. From small support, schools are becoming able to make the grades 1-3 print rich by using posters, charts and painting the walls to surround the children with letters and words. They also stocked the classrooms with additional books and other reading materials to give student more opportunities to read. As a result, students are much more engaged as they learn through songs, games, and other interactive activities. With response to COVID 19, we are providing the support via radio classes focusing on children and parents corresponding to the learning outcomes and topics of subject of national curricula. E-tasks are prepared and also provided under the guidance of teacher trainers.