Community Orientation Program (COP)

Community Orientation Program is one of the sister programs of TTQEP of REED Nepal.The ultimate goal of REED Nepal’s program is to empower the local stakeholders and handover the learned lessons to the community.Until and unless community people are aware and motivated towards the whole educational system of our schools, little change will happen.For the better and sustainable change in the field of education, REED conducts the community Orientation Program every year where each and every parent come to be informed and oriented about their roles and responsibilities, latest educational policies in aligning with REED’s support to the schools.
Further, community people discuss the possible areas of exploration to uplift the educational status of their schools.Some schools have already started some income-generating programs in the name of schools right after this program.Nowadays, parents send their children with clean school uniform, snacks and other essential materials required for their children.
After this intervention, they formed school monitoring and support committee (SSMC) to track the progress and support the schools whatever they could offer.It happens on regular basis turn by turn in the schools having a card in their neck.The facilitators contextualize the matters of a program as per local context requirement.