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Training is a milestone for professional development

Training is a milestone for professional development

“I am Tanka Dahal. I am secondary English teacher of Birendra Jyoti SS, Sotang. Before the training, I used to teach the students in a traditional way of teaching using teacher-centered methods in the classrooms. I thought that the teacher should be strict and hard to regulate the classroom activities. I hardly took the suggestions from the headteacher regarding class activities. Students’ learning achievement of school was also not satisfactory. In the classroom, there were not enough materials to enhance the teaching-learning activities matching with the curriculum. Teachers had a defensive attitude regarding change and constructive feedback.
Because of the REED Nepal’s secondary teacher training program, I became able to change the scenario of my own class and other classes as well under my responsibilities. I have involved in many pieces of training provided by REED Nepal in different venues. The training was really motivating and inspiring in terms of collaborative learning, exploration of new skills among the peers, regular follow up support and definitely regular communication from the trainers.

I became able to know and utilize the child-centered teaching strategies in the schools. I make a drastic change in the classroom management and organization to create a healthy learning environment. Our classrooms are full of teaching-learning materials related to the curricular objectives.

We follow the mental as well as a physical exercise in the morning assembly in child songs where students really enjoy the activity.
After the training, we requested to the REED Nepal and became successful to manage the child-friendly furniture for group work. I started to conduct the regular communication with parents being focused on the educational achievement of students. I started to respect the students and their rights in the schools caused we have confident students in these days. Because of child-friendly teaching aligning with learning materials, the average learning achievement of our school is higher in comparison to last year. I was an English teacher successfully implemented the English medium instruction in the school in English classes. Secondary teacher training became the milestone for meaningful improvement in my case. As an English teacher of a school, I am very happy for getting chance to share my skills and knowledge with the students and my fellows. Students are doing well in teaching-learning activities. I felt very confident in the teaching skills and strategies. After the training, I am adopting the diagnostic evaluation among the students at the secondary level in the school. I want to take this opportunity to give thanks to REED Nepal and Himalayan Trust, New Zealand for providing the outstanding opportunities to expand our horizons through teacher training program.”

Name: Tanka Dahal
Category: Secondary English teacher (male)
Training gave me the inspiration to do more with the students