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Learning and Life Skill

Life skills are the psychosocial abilities for adaptive and positive behavior that enable individuals to deal effectively with the demands and challenges of everyday life. It is also the participatory learning that aims to increase positive and adaptive behavior by assisting individuals to develop and practice psycho-social skills. REED Nepal basically focuses to “Ensure equitable access to appropriate learning and life-skills programmes that are mainly focused on children and youth of our primary beneficiaries in our project areas. We train and educate them on various form of life skills that brings them an ability to involve through self-employment or start their business by their own. Such skills will help them to fulfill their future dream and decrease the rate of migration and dependability. The strategic objective will be implemented by targeting those individuals who want to start their own business in their local areas. We also provide them training to develop a business plan to start a various small-scale business using the local resources. REED has also conducted various vocational training for children and youth. We have aimed 300 children and youth for life skill training and expected that 200 will start their own business through this learning and life skill domain of REED Nepal.

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Child Protection

Child protection is the fundamental heading that REED initiated by educating children through child club and by an intervention of various child protection programme. The strategic objective focuses to “Ensure and strengthen child protection”. We mainly work with a school, thus most of the activities are child-centered and aligned with the national strategy of the government of Nepal. We have set indicators that are targeted to increase the number of children benefited from child protection policy. Also, we look at various cases thus the percentage will cover the case management. Through this strategy, REED has targeted to reach 4000 children that will be benefited by child protection and we have also aimed to get involved for 5% of case management in our programme implemented areas. Thus for this, Interventions are being focused at both the implementation level, and at the policy level to strengthen existing child protection strategies and to follow international legal frameworks as much as possible.

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Environment and Climate Change

REED Nepal has focused special attention and is on priority sector identified. Conserving natural resources is a basic requirement for sustainable development and improving the quality of human life. We live and grow with the environment thus special attention has been given to protect and conserve the resources. To reverse the trend towards resource degradation, we need to give greater priority to ecological principles. The strategic objective focuses to “Ensure environment conservation and adaptation to climate change.” REED has the aim to work closely with national and internal agencies and take action for environment conservation and climate change and directly working to reduce the carbon emission in the natural environment. REED also provide various training on the conservation of natural environment for sustainable development of human life in the natural environment. The concentration is also focusing to be more involved in such areas where we live to grow and complete our entire life. REED focuses on saving the environment and saving the life of a human.

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