Where we work

REED-Nepal is primarily focused in two rural districts of Northeastern mountainous regions, namely, Solukhumbu and Taplejung.

In Solukhumbu, REED-Nepal focuses on teacher training programs in all over the district. REED has run many successful years of teacher training programs in rural parts of Nepal.REED works with more than 300 schools to enhance the quality education intensively. In align with teacher training program, REED also deals with other sister programs of TTQEP,i.e. community orientation program, child protection program, School management committee training, scholarship distribution program, child-friendly furniture support, etc. on the demand of local stakeholders.

Similarly, in Taplejung, REED-Nepal works with 30 schools to consolidate the child-friendly learning environment. In addition to physical infrastructure assistance, REED-Nepal provides the teacher training applying a holistic approach to primary and secondary schools to ensure child-friendly strategies in align with other sister programs of TTQEP.